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For a leading company like European Movers Transport (Certificate of Registration 4077/03), distances do not exist. Is a qualified transport company with head office in VLAARDINGEN/ Nederland . We accomplish national and international transportation for our customers. Also for overseas and special transportation we are your competent partner. We are a modern company which implements each service reliably for you in case of removal and transport. You will profit from our experience! And you will always be able to check on your shipments througth the Internet using Tracking Number. 

EUROMOVERS International, with its head office in Nederland, comprises a group of leading international moving companies.

This capable network comprises more than 70 experienced and reliable moving companies, located in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, and beyond Europe in the United States, Australia, the Russian Federation, China and numerous other countries.

The Group provides a full range of moving activities and ancillary services such as domestic and international household goods moving, project moving, short- and long term storage, facility and logistic services, special transport and specialized crating of high value items.

One of the organization’s major strengths is the successful and friendly cooperation found in the mutual partnership, the “Powerlane” Linehaul traffic, its service centers, and the centralized access into the network of Partners providing mobility services.

Whether motorcycles and atv, jeeps, luxury and sport cars or industrial equipments at European Movers any kind of move is in good hands. This is the case, among other things, due to European Movers long-term and versatile experience, the know-how and being strongly customer-oriented. And especially due to the solid quality guarantees. European Movers transport company is in compliance with the ISO-9001: 2008 quality standards. This means security for your move from beginning to end.

[ ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems ]

[ ISO 27001 Information Secutity Systems]

[ ISO 14001 Environmetal Management Systems ]
Each ISO-9001: 2000 certified transport company employs a quality manager. This manager is responsible for guidance, controlling and adjusting the quality plan.

The NCR (Non-Conformity Report) also plays a part in quality control. By making use of this report judgement on the quality care of a certain move can be given.

Quality should be lasting. For that reason the boards of the different European Movers company continually encourage the quality consciousness among employees. At least once a year a management report containing NCR-reviews, analyses reports and (precautionary) measures is issued.

Twice a year the boards and quality managers are involved in an external investigation into the functioning of the quality plan. The quality manager is responsible for registration of and compliance with this plan. He also checks whether any adjustments carried out have resulted in something or could be improved.

What does European Movers consider quality?

The quality of services is a relative conception. To European Movers quality means: under any circumstances comply with the transport demands set by and agreed to with the customer.

By means of an evaluation form private moves will be judged by the customer. European Movers will subsequently analyze these data and note possible bottlenecks in order for changes to be implemented.

Tailor-made quality plan.

Furthermore every customer will give the concept of quality a personal interpretation. What is considered a good approach by one person, could be considered average by the next. European Movers transport companies work in accordance with a tailor-made quality plan in which the customer's personal desires have been incorporated. There is no better way to arrange your move.
European Movers is the motorcycle transporter working from inside the motorcycle industry. We are not just another transporter. Your motorcycle is loaded onto special skid that establishes a "perimeter of protection" around your cycle. We use the correct hardware and have it placed carefully, something only trained professionals can do.

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Available for you: 100's of trucks. Without this versatility in a transport company, your shipment could take many days or even weeks longer expected to arrive.
Thanks to our innovative view of international removals and transportation and to our commitment to provide a competitive service, we soon were ahead in the sector, leaving all the traditional European companies behind. Since that day, we have continued to work in the same way that allowed us to become leaders: innovation and continuous improvement of our offer.

The future of our company is to continue working with the parameters of research and innovation, and the development of new ideas for our activities. That is the only way that we will be able to offer you a real quality and customized service. We will consequently be always ahead of the competition.

Best regards,
European Movers Team